Process measurement technology from HACH LANGE

Reliable, stable processes are a prerequisite for greater economic efficiency. This is as true of both drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.
With practical probes and extendable controller networks, HACH LANGE sets sustainable and viable standards for optimal process-measurement technology dependable monitoring of all relevant parameters, based on the individual local circumstances, ensures previously unheard of process stability and delivers sustainable cuts in operating costs.

Hardness Monitor:
• Auto calibration, priming and cleaning.
• Minimal sample, reagent and standard consumption.
• Graphical or numerical display of data/trends

Ammonia Analyzer:
• Continuous Hardness Detection
• Low Maintenance Requirements
• Convenient, Trouble-Free Operation

Chlorine Analyzer:
• Reagentless analysis of free chlorine; ion-selective membrane separates electrolyte from sample water.
• Integral temperature and pH sensors provide more accurate readings.

Laboratory analysis - complete solutions for over 100 parameters
No matter how extensive and diverse the demands on water analysis may be laboratory analysis from HACH LANGE is equal to the challenge.
Consistent application-oriented design is its trademark with well thought-out, perfectly harmonized systems and measurement technology, consumables, quality control and accessories for more than 100 water parameters.
HACH LANGE has all the prerequisites for verifiable results - whether in the laboratories of regulatory bodies, or for self-monitoring purposes or in the field.

DR 5000 UV-VIS: demanding water analysis in the laboratory

The DR 5000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer culminates from the experience of the manufacturers HACH and LANGE: high quality optics, fast scans and user friendly operation are essential in any demanding water laboratory.
The key benefits include the versatility of the DR 5000. This is reflected in the multi cell holder, the cell modules, the high precision optics and more than 200 factory installed HACH LANGE methods.