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Vacuum Sewer Systems

Roediger Vacuum GmbH provides modern systems of transporting and collecting waste water using vacuum technology. The company based in Hanau is the global leader for vacuum sewer systems.
Its innovative technology is on the cutting edge in both environmental and financial terms while offering flexible implementation options. RoeVac® Vacuum Sewer Systems offer solutions to technical and geographic challenges, and protect the environment and save water.

Vacuum Sewer Systems – Advantages

when considering the technical, ecological and financial aspects of wastewater collection, vacuum sewer systems are an effective alternative to other options. The RoeVac® vacuum sewer system has proved to be a reliable method for collecting wastewater in separate systems since decades. In comparison to conventional gravity or pumping systems, the RoeVac® vacuum system offers the following important advantages to residents and operators:
• Considerable savings in construction costs
• Much shorter construction period
• Pipelines laid in shallow and narrow trenches
• Small diameter pipelines (d90 - d250 PE or PVC)
• Flexible pipeline construction
• Easy to lay pipelines around obstacles
• Sewers and water mains can be laid in the same trench
• Systems closed to the atmosphere with no leakage or smell
• No manholes along the vacuum sewers
• One central vacuum station can replace many several pumping stations