Corodex is one of the first companies in the region to offer water treatment services. Corodex Industries was established in UAE with the goal of engineering , manufacturing, assembly and fabrication of various water purification and waste water treatment equipment.
Corodex Industries holds a license agreement with the reputed EFLO International –UK to fabricate & assemble packaged sewage treatment plants. .

Corodex Industries Core activities are:
• CORODEX Water Purification Equipments & Plants.
• EFLO Waste Water Treatment Equipments & Plants.

CORODEX water purification equipments & plants:
• CORODEX Media Filters.
• Corodex Activated Carbon Filters.
• CORODEX Iron & Manganese removal Filters.
• CORODEX Softeners.
• CORODEX Chemical Injection System.

EFLO Waste Water Treatment Systems:
• EFLO SAF: EFLO Submerged Aerated Filters.
• EFLO DAF: EFLO Dissolved Air Floatation.
• EFLO MBR: EFLO Membrane Bio-Reactor.
• EFLO Grey: EFLO Grey Water Treatment Systems.

Klorigen M-Series modular systems safely and economically produce Chlorine gas and membrane-grade Sodium Hydroxide at point of use or combine them to produce 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite. System capacities range from 20 to 140 kg per day of equivalent Chlorine.

• Potable water treatment
• Wastewater treatment
• Cooling water biocide
• Odor control
• Pump stations
• Swimming and mammal pools
• Food processing
• Passenger vessels

Bilnger Water TechnologiesAs one of the leading supplies worldwide , Bilnger water technologies offers components and services in almost every eld of water and waste water technology.
Through the products and services of the traditional brands Passavant® , Johnson Screens®, Noggerath® and Geiger® the global business unit water treatment is able to provide system solutions with components and machines manufactured with the group , for the clarication of municipal and industrial waste water , biological treatment , sludge treatment and drinking water purication and to increase the overall efciency of waste water treatment plant.
Our broad portfolio of solutions includes:
1. Inlet works/ headworks.
2. Biological Treatment.
3. Sludge Treatment.
4. Fine & micro-sieving screening.